Uber has turned the limo and cab industry upside down

Uber has turned the limo and cab industry upside down by offering a car service that books rides on demand from smartphones. In eight major cities, including New York, Paris, and Washington D.C., three-year-old startup Uber is aiming to change the cab experience. Users can request vehicles and complete transactions entirely through a mobile app.  

What CEOs need to know!!!

One of the greatest threats facing leaders today is making decisions based on information that is incomplete, partially hidden or compromised in some way. How do you know that the information you receive as a leader is objective and unbiased? 

Decision Making in business and life

To make a conscious decision in the current environment, we must have a clear perspective about where the external landscape might be going. We have to perceive the nature of change and then either take advantage of this dynamic or adapt to it.  

Destroy Your Comfort Zone!

On the path from awareness to different possibilities, leaders have to be willing to step outside their comfort zone. Leaders must be ready to shift strategy and tactics as the situation requires. As change speeds up, investing in awareness is no longer just a good idea; it’s now an essential business strategy.

Expand your financial awareness

You can know everything about investment schemes, financial strategies, real estate investment, and the top secrets of high finance. But if your awareness, or consciousness, concerning money is based on the scarcity paradigm, then you will never have the sense that you have enough money.

Your ability to lead your business to extraordinary success is directly related to your consciousness around money and prosperity. If you focus your consciousness towards scarcity and lack, you will draw limited amounts of money and success to you and your business. 

Money comes from our mindset and our thoughts. If we think "We have to work hard for money", it will certainly be hard to generate money. If you say "It is not possible for you to be rich", it will probably be true for you. Your points of view can directly sabotage your wealth potential.